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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

The Barnacle Billy's season came and went. It goes by more quickly every year. Looking back, it was a very successful year, both in weather and business. The fall weather was particularly good with very little rain, much less wind and sunnier days than we expect to get that time of year.

Being a lobster based restaurant, I always look at lobsters differently than most. Looking back, lobster prices were higher than normal this season. This trend continued through the season. And this also included our lobster meat which we get picked fresh daily, every day. Lobster meat prices never did get as low as the year before. Soft shell (new shell) lobsters didn't show up until a couple of weeks later than I wanted. Lobstermen just weren't catching them as early as they normally do. This was due to the colder than normal temperatures of the water in which they live. Consequently, lobstering is excellent right now. Prices to lobstermen are much higher than it normally is this time of year. That's good for them. Ocean surface water temperatures are remaining just a little cooler than what has been normal for many years previously, but not my much. I don't know how surface water temperatures relate to the bottom where lobsters live.

Employment, always a concern when the high school and college kids go back to school, was not as much of a problem as we have seen in the past. We had some of the best staff that we have ever had here at Barnacle Billy's. My brother, Court, mirrored my feelings. Those who stayed on were more than happy to work overtime to get the job done. To a person, everyone seemed to have a smile on their face throughout the fall. Of course, our patrons are the best on earth. Olympia, Charlie, Robin, Laura Lee, "Former Cyclist" Richard, Barbara, Jon, Fran, on and on and on. I love them all. It's the top thing in my life that really makes me love this restaurant vocation. I have a bad habit of not trying to remember names although I recognize, it seems, everyone. Thank you all for forgiving me this transgression, your patronage and your good humor. It truly makes my life.

Although I do plan to add to this journal from time to time, I want to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous winter. "Winter Well", as our father would have said. I'm very much looking forward to a new season next year. See you there? Also, I do edit my deep sea fishing site every day or almost every day at


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