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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

Yesterday was the best opening day we have ever had at Barnacle Billy's. Not only was it a financial success on every level, there were no complaints (that I heard of) and everything ran as smoothly as if there were half the patrons. I was happy, our staff was happy and the customers, to a person, were all very happy to be there.

My sister Meg started the day at 7:00 AM (or maybe earlier). She worked the floor until 4:00 PM. Many customers were grateful she was there. After working in the office during the morning, my sister, Cathy, became a patron with local friends. She was noticed by other regulars. My brother, Court, controled the nuts & the bolts behind the scenes. And I worked the dining room & deck making sure everyone was okay, welcoming people to the opening day, thanking them for being there and very happy to see everyone. Our cocktail staff did a wonderful job as did managers Matt & Chuck (the GM from Etc) and the whole staff.

The weather is such an important part of a successful day at Barnacle Billy's. There was very little wind, the air temperature reached 65°F at least. We saw the sun through a smurry sky all day. The deck was full almost all day which left plenty of room in the dining room. Even at night we had a warm breeze making it easier for patrons to linger outside the restaurant before moving on. It was just a wonderful day all around. Thank you all so much for making it so!

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