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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

So ends the coldest winter we have seen in Ogunquit for over twenty years. I'm sure we have had colder and snowier winters in the past. But we have had such warm winters during the previous years, this one seemed like an anomaly. It was a great year for skiers, albeit a bit too cold at times. For my part, I haven't put on the boards for the last three years. I used to love skiing but a lot has been going on.

Despite the weather, our capital projects were completed as planned. We still have work left to do at Barnacle Billy's, Etc. but we have a month left to complete those projects. And these unfinished items are going along as planned. I was most happy about all the work that Jack Ladderbush has completed. I had a list of sixteen or so projects (some detailed, some small) which I went over with him in the fall. I asked him if he wanted the list. No, was his reply. He remembered every one. The fact that he knows the buildings better than anyone and that he can remember all that is just amazing to me. And maybe he was just anticipating the same projects that we both knew needed to be completed. Whatever, Barnacle Billy's is glad Jack Ladderbush is around.

Atlantic Mechanical finished the new retaining wall (on the Cove side of patio at Barnacle Billy's, Etc.) a week earlier than the drop dead date of March 30. They did a wonderful job. Larry Paul, the president of the company, did everything exactly as he said he would, even better. And he was very easy to work with along with coming under budget. We are at the point now where Jack Ladderbushwill put a finishing cap on the wall. John Patten will get the patio back in order. And we will probably be contracting Dumas Welding to install a stainless steel high polish rail on the finishing cap. I haven't received the quote from Dumas Welding as of yet. But he usually is well inside of the budget with all the past projects he has done for us and my deep sea fishing boat, the Bunny Clark. The work Dumas Welding does is flawless.

This last week has been busy. My brother, Court, has been right out straight getting Barnacle Billy's in shape for the opening at 11:00 AM on Friday. Everything has been late, including getting water into the building. But the water is on now, I just got the crab order in, all the managers are right out straight getting menus up, product in and the place spruced up a bit. We should be ready to go this afternoon. And I can't wait. As I told Steve & Karen Baldwin, this is the best time of year for me; the beginning of the year and knowing it will be a long time before we close for the season! I'll see you there!


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