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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

After a small warming trend last weekend, we went back into the deep freeze. Just before the freeze up, Central Maine Power was down, with the help of Bridges Electric, and changed the weather head where the wires lead into Barnacle Billy's (original). In July of 2012 CMP had broken the weather head when their bucket truck caught the wires and pulled them off the building. I realized at the time (we lost our power on that July day) that the wires had been pulled off and were re-installed but I was not knowledgeable enough to realize that they had broken the weather head at the same time.

I have been getting everyone together for our CPR/AED/First Aid recertification. This is something we go through every two years. All the managers and a couple of our most important employees (Chris Dunn & Taryn Barstow) will be taking the all day course at B.B's, Etc on February 6th.

I have also been working on getting a company in here to replace our retaining wall and the rail on the garden patio at Barnacle Billy's, Etc. Over the years, the patio area has been undermined and the soil is ending up in Perkins Cove. This is making it a potentially dangerous place for our dining guests in the future. Yes, we could probably get away with it for a couple more years. But I'm concerned about the future economic climate at a time when we may not be able to budget a project like this.Yesterday, I worked all day on securing a company (which I had been in contact with a few weeks ago), going through referrals, checking up on past work, etc., etc. and then bringing our carpenter and lawns manager into the fold on this project. We may be able to get the job done before April 1, leaving the rest to the carpenters at the end of March or early April. We shall see.

I was informed yesterday that the new windows for the dining room, kitchen and lounge in Barnacle Billy's, Etc. have arrived. So we will be involved in changing those out in the following two weeks. I have had a capital projects list going for a few years now that includes changing a few windows out a season. One more season, next winter, we will have the last of the windows replaced - hopefully.

We have other projects going on but I may get to them in future Journal Updates.

In the meantime, I've enjoyed a lot more time in the office with my sister, Cathy, and Dawn Baston(our rock in the operations department). Sarah Yorke, our other book keeper has been out with a flu for the last week and a half.

Summer is coming and it is closer than it seems even though looking out the window I see an arctic wasteland. I am very much looking forward to those warm summer breezes, steamed clams and hot boiled lobster. How about you, Robin & Laura Lee?


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