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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

The winter routine is upon us. We passed our liquor/fire inspection for both restaurants yesterday. Court and I went through the restaurants with the fire department representatives and Ogunquit's new Code Enforcement Officer, Scott, a real nice guy.

There have been relatively few snow storms this winter, three major ones and one smaller one, all of which where, after, we had to shovel snow. One struck on the highest tide of the winter. But the wind direction hauled out of the north much quicker than expected. This gave us a little splash over into the parking lot but kept the tide low enough so that it didn't compromise the dining area of Barnacle Billy's (original). For the last week we have had mild weather with high temperatures in the 40s almost every day.

Jack Ladderbush completed the new ceiling at Barnacle Billy's (original). When he was done, Mike from Bridges Electric rewired the lighting to code. You won't notice any difference I believe. The new ceiling will match the ceiling we put in new a couple of years ago on the other side of the dining room.

The varnish work was completed on the stairs at Barnacle Billy's, Etc. I had them strip the hand rails, re-stain them and put four coats of varnish to finish them. It came out better than it has looked in years.

Other than that we have been regrouping, figuring out employee status for the coming season, Cathyhas been paying the bills and we are looking forward to completing the rest of the projects planned for the winter.


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