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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

Welcome. Sorry about not updating this site as much as I probably should. But it has been busier than normal. And I have been busier than ever. Not that I can really use that as an excuse. What did my father say; "If you want to get a job done, find a busy man to do it."? Enough.

Our business has been very good lately. Our first ten days after opening were spectacular. I thought to myself; "Here we go." But the cold set in after that. No one wanted to sit on the deck; it was too cold for the rest of April, May and the first two weeks of June. So we went behind. We started summer 13% behind last season. And that is really not an accurate statement. I'm talking gross sales (which doesn't allow for product price increases or the deficit in sales starting a week later than last year). And I am comparing sales to the best year we have ever had for gross sales: 2015. Since July arrived, we have warmed up to a little more than 4% behind. I'm happy with that. On the good weather days we have been doing better on matched days. On the less than perfect days we have been matching the same day. All we need is good weather. And, yes, our business here is weather driven. Certainly. We have proven this time and time again. Barring any "911's" - that was a year changer - or any catastrophic event, we should enjoy another great season. And I'm just looking forward to being here.

I'm not sure if I am happier than last year or I'm judging things as they should be but our patrons seem better than ever. They always seemed good. That was never an issue. Maybe they are just glad to see me. I've been dumping the road bike so often in training rides (in their minds), maybe they are just happy to know I'm still alive! I'm hoping it's just people optimistic about the future. Whatever. I'm glad for it.

In case you were wondering, the family is fine. My mother is doing well. The business of business is running smoothly.

My wife, Deb, has now prohibited me from feeding our dog, Gill (a Border Collie), a hot dog roll every morning. She says it's making the dog fat. He looks good to me. So now I have a bag of carrots. He is not nearly as enthused about carrots. Oh, he will eat them. But he does back flips for hot dog buns. Don't tell her but yesterday I let the dog know what it used to be like in the good old days. The dog and I come down every morning between 4:30 AM & 6 AM, depending on how much desk work I can get done at home first. Gill gets distracted but will hang with me as long as I pay attention to him. When he thinks for a second I'm not, he's off chasing down a dog on a leash or tramping through the garden. Ouch! But he will stay with me in the office while I punch out order sheets and do the day book.

I know this isn't much of an entry. But I hope you liked it. I'm always at if you want to drop me a note. Until next time. Who knows when that will be! Also, I write a daily entry on my fishing web site at the "fishing update" link on my home page at And, yes, Bunny Clark is my mother's maiden name.


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