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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

The following opening weekends/week have been very good, some of our best days when comparing the same days of the year in previous seasons. We are so weather driven here. The weather has been good, albeit, a little cooler than normal. But I really think the good weather has helped our business this April - so far.

Some of the highlights of the recent past included the reenactment of the Boston Tea Party at the Barnacle Billy's dock on my deep sea fishing the Bunny Clark on Saturday, April 16th. This was something dreamed up by our Chamber of Commerce. And, at first, my thoughts ranged from the hokey aspects to the moderately bizarre. But it was fun. It included throwing "bails" of tea off the Bunny Clark while an emcee, on a microphone/speaker explained the history including the state of Maine's part in all of this. The actors were dressed in period clothing that looked like the clothes were made right out of the past. All in front of a crowd of onlookers lining the boardwalk and on the deck of Barnacle Billy's. It was clever, fun, informative and it made people happy. Now my thoughts range to hoping they do it again next year.

I would rather not skip back to the weather but, with the many cloudless days we have had in April, we have had a better than normal turnout on the Barnacle Billy's deck overlooking Perkins Cove. I can't tell you how many wonderful comments I took from patrons who really enjoyed being there in the sun. You had to have a little more than the white Polo shirt I was wearing. But with a few more articles of clothing, it was really enjoyable. What with the good weather, the light winds, the sun, a rum punch and a delicious lobster roll, what more could you ask for? And don't say dancing girls. That wouldn't quite fit.

On Thursday, April 28th, Barnacle Billy's, Etc. opens for the season at 5:00 PM. Barnacle Billy's (original) restaurant always closes at 5:00 PM for the opening next door at "ETC". We have been gearing for the opening for the last month. Tomorrow we will go over pricing and menus. All the fresh produce will arrive the day before. It should be a fun opening. I'm very much looking forward to it. The opening always heralds in the complete Barnacle Billy's season.

I'm looking for a very good May/June to top off an already wonderful spring season!


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