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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

Tomorrow, Monday, May 24, 2021, we have been given the green light to go to 100% dining both inside and out at both restaurants. Tables can be moved back closer together. Contact tracing lists will be a thing of the past. Masks outside will disappear. There will also be no restriction on individuals at a table.

Our rendition of the new regulations and protocols will be a little bit different. We won’t require masks being worn on the property before you enter either restaurant. But we will require patrons to wear a mask while inside before you get to your table. Once at the table, you will be free to take your mask off. The outside dining will not require masks. Our employees will be required to wear a mask. This may all change with time. But, for right now, this is how we are going to handle the wearing of masks.

Tomorrow morning, a few of us are going to get all the tables for outside dining out of storage and place them where they were, as they were, two years ago. This includes the Barnacle Billy’s (Original) patio, deck and upper deck. This also includes the Barnacle Billy’s, Etc. garden patio. We will also be bringing some of the tables to place in the dining room at Barnacle Billy’s (Original). We aren’t going to bring all the tables. But we are going to fill in tables where we can.

At Barnacle Billy’s (Original) we are going to leave the partition (with the glass) in the lobby. We are going to leave the partition in the dining room. And we are going to leave the cashier table in the corner of the dining room with the menu on the wall behind the cashier as it is right now. In case Governor Mills changes her mind, I want to be ready to go backwards if we have to without building new structures all over again.

Bottom line is that I want everyone to be comfortable. Food and location can be wonderful. But all that goes out the window if you aren’t comfortable. As usual, I will be going around to the different tables for feedback. It’s very important to me that you like what we do.

At some point we will go back to normal. We will be taking baby steps until that time.


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