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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

Opening day at Barnacle Billy’s (original) is fast approaching. It’s all hands on deck to get all the food product ordered, delivery dates set, water turned on, plumbing issues solved (a new grease trap is going in on Monday), etc., etc., etc. Matt Pedersen is the general manager for our original restaurant. And Matt is our top computer/POS system guy. He also does most of the employee scheduling at “Original”. Stu Dunn, our second in command at “Original”, has been working with Matt. But Stu is also our number one bar manager for both restaurants. Stu is in charge of all liquor/beer orders, staffing the bar and managing the cocktail staff. Chuck MacDonald, the general manager of Barnacle Billy’s, Etc., has been with us the longest. Over forty years. He helps in the organizing of Original and, of course, is the main man in getting Etc up and running. He is also the most helpful to me because he can give me a general sense of things overall. His father was my science teacher in Wells Junior High School. A great man, like his son. Chuck is vital to the operation in general and a good friend. Chad Schools is our second in command at Etc but also does all the scheduling there. He is remarkable with the wait staff and very fair. He too is helping to bring Original on line. Eric Littlefield has been with us the second longest. A chef by profession, Eric works under Tomas Sullivan, our head chef at Etc, or on his own making our signature lobster stew or helping with other prep when needed. Eric at one time ran the kitchen at Etc and is fully capable of doing so now. Tomas (Tom) is helping with getting us set up for the season while also working at Etc in preparation for opening in May. He’s a wonderful chef and kitchen manager. Together, he and Eric run a great show. These are the guys, the hands on guys, who make it easier for me to run Barnacle Billy’s. If it looks like I do a good job at this, they are the ones who deserve the credit and make me look good. Their professionalism allows me to enjoy what I do. I am very grateful to have them here. It would be impossible for me to say, in words, how much. I haven’t yet found a phrase that is a high enough qualifier yet!

Those mentioned above are our best, our hands on core group. There are many others who make Barnacle Billy’s the wonderful place that I feel that it is. This really isn’t the forum to mention everyone involved. All I can say is that I’m looking forward to our first day on April 5th at 11:00 AM. Will Robin & Laura Lee be the first ones through the door again? I hope so. But there are some many wonderful patrons I am so looking forward to meeting, again. Hope to see you all there!


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