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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

We had a very good opening weekend. The weather wasn’t the best but it wasn’t bad either. Sunday was the best day of the weekend with a bright sun, brisk northwest winds and an air temperature as high as 53°F. Friday was as predicted with rain and fog until mid morning and clearing skies after noon. After 2:00 PM, we had a cloudless sky and an air temperature of 58°F for a time. There was no wind on Friday afternoon, leaving those walking the Marginal Way to watch huge seas crashing on the rocks in the sun and with a calm ocean surface behind them; a great visual with the smell of the salty sea evident to anyone near.

Saturday was the least pleasant on the weather scale for the weekend. It rained in the afternoon until the sky cleared for the rest of the day and night starting at 5:00 PM. We had overcast skies for most of the day, a light rain around 10:00 AM and overcast skies until the rain showed up later. The high air temperature on Saturday was 50°F. But the air temperature struggled to get there.

It was a wonderful wonderful experience for me in the dining room this weekend. As is typical of our first weekend, the building was filled with faces who I have come to know and love. Unfortunately for me, I have gotten into the habit of not remembering as many names as I would like to go with those faces. My father was better at this than I. It doesn’t mean that I appreciate them any less. But sometimes I think that, with all I do have to remember between my fishing business and the restaurants, not knowing too many names might leave some room to remember the best aspects of meeting and knowing individuals? This is something I can’t know.

I was so proud of our staff over the weekend as well. Sometimes I think that it’s “trickle down good attitude”. The managers were very happy all the way down to the bussing staff. When the bussing staff makes a point of saying goodbye to me when they leave for the night, it gives me a special feeling. And being able to discuss different aspects of the business with the management staff and every individual in every bay means that they all make me feel at home. They want what I want. Bottom line; the restaurant ran like a well oiled machine.

Business was very good. It wasn’t our best opening weekend. But it was one of the top ten best of all time in our sixty year, going on sixty-one, history.

We will be closed during the week, opening again on Friday, April 15. We will be open daily after that. I will certainly be looking forward to starting all over again! Be safe, all, until then!


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