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  • Tim Tower

Billy's Journal

Well, it has been a while since I have written in this Journal. Jules & Sue Epstein, two of our good customers, often tell me that I should write in the Journal more often. And I probably should. I do tell them that they can read what I write on the website (the “Fishing Update” link on the index page) but they tell me that they don’t want to read about fishing and the weather. So this entry is for you, Jules & Sue.

On the Saturday, August 14, we went back to all the employees wearing masks at Barnacle Billy’s (Original) and Barnacle Billy’s, Etc. Covid cases are escalating in Maine right now. I was informed on the evening news yesterday that there are very few ICU beds in Maine. The number of people testing positive for Covid have been increasing every day. Last season, we had masks, washed hands, wore gloves and gave people distance and never even had a flu case, never mind a Covid case. And you can’t tell me that of all the people we served last year no one had Covid. There had to be some percentage of people who eat or have eaten at Barnacle Billy’s who were or are carrying the virus. So this is prophylaxis for our employees, to keep them safe and keep our customers safer.

Our staffing has become a problem with all the school aged kids going back to school. This coming week we will be particularly shy. So I have decided to close Barnacle Billy’s, Etc on Tuesday, August 31 (which had already been planned) and Wednesday, September 1. Some of our staff from Etc. will be working at our sister restaurant (Original) next door. My aim is to keep Original open seven days a week. This will still be a challenge as it has been for every restaurant in our area. Many of our friends have had to close their restaurants at times this season.

Hurricane Henri did not affect our area very much except for a little extra rain. And it didn’t even rain that much. After going ashore in Rhode Island, it headed west and petered out. By the time it did loop back east to hit Maine, the wind was gone and the rain was light.

Except for a couple of exceptionally warm days, the weather had been fairly good in August. Business has been good as well. Not everything is back to normal. But we keep making strides in that direction. Customers have been happy.

At this time, we are not requiring patrons to wear masks. I’m not sure what our Governor will do if the Covid cases keep escalating. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that more people will get vaccinated and others will take preventative measures to stay safe and keep those around them safe. Good luck to all of us.


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