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Etc. Opens at Noon & the Locust

On May 20, 2023, we will be opening Barnacle Billy’s, Etc. at noon. From that date on, daily, until November 5, 2023, we will be open at noon. This is a week earlier than we have traditionally opened at noon. Rule of thumb used to be that we opened at noon daily starting on Memorial Day. This year we have enough staff available to open at noon a little earlier. Actually, we could have opened at noon earlier had we wanted to. Maybe next year will be different? We will cross that bridge when we get to it!

The view from the webcam.

My sister, Cathy, informed me that she was contacted by someone who views our webcam every day. This person asked if we would cut the branches of our most outboard locust tree on the garden patio at Barnacle Billy’s, Etc. as it was obstructing a clear view of that corner of the deck at Barnacle Billy’s (Original). I had never noticed this before as my interest has always been the Cove, the bridge, the boats and the activity in the parking lot near my Bunny Clark truck. But when I did look, I noticed that she was correct.

Eight years ago we became aware that if I didn’t do something, we would lose the garden patio to the Cove. Erosion was taking our land away on the Cove side. So I found a company that would build us a bulkhead in the winter to secure the patio and our land. They did a wonderful job. They did such a great job that, the following winter, I hired them to completely overhaul the foundation, structural beams, underpinning and pilings at Barnacle Billy’s.

When completing the patio I became aware that root damage to our most outboard locust tree was causing concern from our lawn, garden & tree experts, (John) Patten Grounds Care, Inc. John told me that if I didn’t take the tree down, there was a good chance that there wouldn’t be roots enough to sustain the life of the tree. Moreover, it would be a mess if they had to take the tree down after the patio was completely rebuilt. I understood his concerns. But I know that that locust tree is also the most important part of the shade on that patio. And, on a hot summer day, it is the best place to sit outside in Ogunquit. It’s amazing how cool that patio can be on a hot day. I asked John Patton what he would give as a survival percentage if I were to leave it and hope for the best. Twenty-five percent was his answer. I decided to take the chance. The tree has flourished ever since. I considered this a huge victory for us!

I know the branches of that tree obscure part of the deck from the webcam view. But I also know that the more branches that tree has, the better the protection and stronger that tree will be. I’m not saying that I won’t cut the branches. But I will give it some careful thought and I certainly won’t do anything to compromise the life of that tree. And, unfortunately, there is no better place to put the webcam. However, I will keep all this under review and consider other opinions.


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